We spent almost a year writing and preproducing the album. The actual recording took about a month. 'Animal' was recorded on two different drumkits which you can hear during the intro of the song. We definitely had an idea about how the album was supposed to sound and we tried very much to stick to our original idea of a dark, moody yet aggressive album.

DIABLO BLVD main man Alex Agnew: "I once heard somebody say that in troubling times like these, there can never be enough bands using their music and lyrics as a platform to object and to protest. It’s safe to say that »Zero Hour« is our contribution to that statement and although I realize there’s too much beyond our control, it would be an even bigger crime not to speak about it. The idea behind the album title is that the protective shell we live in, can no longer hide what is really going on. The world outside is catching up to us. Just like on the album cover where a beautiful sculpture is burning on the inside, we have to realize that what we once knew is no longer there. It’s just a matter of time before we will experience some kind of ‘reset’ whatever that may be. Both ‘Animal’ and ‘Sing From The Gallows’ deal with subjects of politics, classical religions and newer versions of mass manipulation and how it messes up our everyday lives. These 2 tracks formed the blueprint of what »Zero Hour« is all about and that’s exactly why we decided to release these videos at the same time. Together they form one story and an intense first introduction to our soundtrack for the End Times!"

Belgian dark rock outfit Diablo Blvd released their fourth album ‘Zero Hour’ worldwide on September 22nd 2017 via Nuclear Blast and Sony Music in Belgium. ‘Zero Hour’ is a dark eleven-track-groove monster with haunting melodies, huge guitar riffs, driving bass and pounding drums. Taking their inspiration from both classic metal acts like Type O Negative, Metallica and Black Sabbath and eighties new wave bands like Killing Joke, Sisters Of Mercy and Gang of Four, Diablo Blvd craft a unique sound ideally suited for these dark times. The album is mixed by Jay Ruston and mastered by Paul Logus (known from Steel Panther, Anthrax, Stone Sour).



The fact that we are also living in troubled times politically, socially and economically has also had a heavy influence on the sound and lyrics of the record. The turn of the century and a new millennium usually signals great change and upheaval, and right now it feels like the world is holding it's breath before taking a jump into the unknown. That breath is »Zero Hour«.”

"The thing I probably blame the most in the age of fear we live now is the media because they seem to be the ones to feed on fear. It sells more newspapers and makes you watch more shows. There is more biased commentry on everything that happens. We have never been confronted more by the fact that governments and media are lying to us and it still seems to change nothing. A couple of years ago Edward Snowdenexposed America's surveillance tactics to the entire world and the reaction of the world was surprising. In the sixties Watergate caused the fall of a president which almost triggered a revolution, while nowadays we heard something that was infinitely more worse, that takes away more privacy then George Orwell could ever have imagined in 1984 in his novell. It's unbelievable that the way we reacted to it was to kind of go: 'Well I don't have anything to hide so I'll just scroll on and look at a nice film of a little cat playing a piano.' It's amazing that everything we do is being watched by everybody else. I think that Orwell couldn't even have imagined when he talked about Big Brother that it wouldn't be a totalitarian system that's watching us through camera's but that it would be us ourselves that's doing it through our cell phones, through recording everything, through looking through that thing all the time and not seeing things with your own eyes anymore which is what the song 'God In The Machine' is all about. When you're on a stage you notice that everybody is watching you through this small screen, that they don't experience a moment anymore. Your memories are a lot more than just the things you see. It's what you feel at the time. I really love a sentence out of a movie called 'Lost Highway' by David Lynch: 'I don't like video tape because I like to remember things in my own way. Not necessarely the way they happened.' Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story. You can't replace the things that you feel and experience for yourself with badly shot images with horrible sound quality through a phone. We carry a phone in our pocket that is more powerfull than the computer that put the first people on the moon and we use it to send a thumbs up or to tell people we don't like something. I think as a human race we need to evolve to something more than this and we need to stop believe disinformation and start thinking for ourselves..."



“When we started to write the new album, I knew that there was a lot of stuff I wanted to talk about as far as the situation in the world is concerned. I’m a kid from the eighties. I grew up during the cold war. So I sing about this stuff... especially in the song ‘Sing From The Gallows’ which starts off with the sentence ‘Cold war feeling in my heart’. It’s because I know what the time felt like. You know in the eighties there’s a lot of parallels with the time we live in now. We have Trump in the White House that nobody took seriously when he ran for office and that we’re now going have to take really seriously. Same way that nobody took Reaganseriously because he was an actor and then all of a sudden he turned out the be one of the most influencial presidents that we had in the last decades. He shaped a lot of the way that America handles foreign policy, he kind of brought on the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, so all those things we kind of live with on a daily basis right now. He actually ran on the same slogan that Trump ran on ‘Let’s make America great again’ which seems to be this kind of running theme between leaders worldwide. You have Brexit which also happened. Me being half-British I always felt very strongly about the UK being part of the European Union. Because that was like a cool feeling that we had at the end of the eighties with the fall of the Berlin wall, that we were heading into this direction of open borders or working together more and now you get this feeling like everybody seems to want building walls again. They want to go back to their own currency, get out of a group and start to doing more isolationist politics. You also have Russia that is strong again. Putin who talks about making Russia great again. So we’re actually reverting to a time that we basically thought was better because we’re looking at it in a very nostalgic way. I still remember when I was a kid in the eighties and I heard the song 'Russians' by Sting where Sting says “I hope the Russians love their children too”. It really scared the shit out of me because we constantly lived with the feeling that we were facing nuclear annihilation when two huge super powers would go to war together. So I’m kind of hoping that we’re not really going there again although it seems that people don’t really remember the history lessons. They don’t remember the things that they wanted to get away from in the beginning and we’re now living in this time of fake nostalgia which I don’t believe in so that’s something I felt I really needed to talk about, especially in the song ‘Sing From The Gallows’ but there are a lot of songs on the album that are about that. So yeah we need to evolve. We don’t need a revolution, we need evolution.”

1. Animal
2. Sing From The Gallows
3. Life Amounts To Nothing
4. God in the machine
5. You Are All You Love
6. The Song is Over
7. 00:00
8. Like Rats
9. Demonize
10. The Future Will Do What It's Told 
11. Summer Has Gone